My TCS Elevate Wings 1 DCA Experience

  • Online Exam (Aptitude Questions, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Assessment and of course coding)
  • Interview Round ( Technical+Manegerial+HR)

Online Exam

  • Aptitude: I started solving Indiabix and PrepInsta TCS Digital Cadre questions 5 days before the exam.
  • Verbal Reasoning and Logical Reasoning : No preparation as I was quite confident with both these sections.
  • Coding: Hackerrank Easy Questions and PrepInsta TCS Digital Cadre questions.
Although I did religiously practice aptitude for those 5 days, none of that helped me in the actual exam. Here's why --> They made us wait for more than 1.5 hrs before actually starting the exam. By this time my head started pounding because of the chilled room. I already wanted to go home.
For aptitude,my preparation didn't help as I expected. The questions were not only lengthy to read but were also time consuming. I barely solved 6 out of 15 questions and was already running out of time. For rest of the 9 questions, I made a calculative guess and that's about it. Like I said,I did want to go home as my headache intensified and couldn't care less reading the rest of the questions.
Verbal and Reasoning flew by without any trouble as they were quite easy for me and I knew I scored a perfect score in both these sections. I finished them in 10 mins or so.Then comes, the coding round - Both the questions were easy. First question was related to digits and second question was related to strings. I had practiced with C++ but that damn compiler didn't work for anybody.C++ compiler was not available in the test software. Had to make a quick decision and moved to Python. Successfully completed and ran my first code with a success of all 5/5 test cases. Completed and ran the second code, but it was still taking the test cases of the first question. This was an issue with many so we again called the supervisor but they put a blame on us, saying we are only ill-prepared. I just dropped it as my headache had increased and now all I could think was taking a Crocin and going to sleep. After the exam, all girls got an escorted Ola service with a TCS security guard in the taxi dropping us home which was very nice of TCS.The next day, everyone on knome requested for a retake of coding section which we did get on February. This time I worked with Python and completed both code. It was a tad bit tougher than the earlier test but nothing too difficult. I had managed to get 8/10 test cases through.

Interview Round

  1. Tell me about yourself and your current project.
  2. So I can see that you are working on automation using Python. He just read aloud about my automations from my digital profile.
    - I had to correct him here saying this is one of my extra initiatives I took in my project and my main role is of a System Administrator. I was not going to dig my grave by giving or pretending to be a developer.
  3. What daily work do you do as a System Admin?
  4. What kind of servers do you work on?
  5. Does your project follow SDLC or Agile model?
    - I said Agile. Big mistake. I said Agile because on Ultimatix, my project is listed to be using the Agile business model. That was the only reason I said Agile.
  6. How many storypoints do you present in a sprint?
    - Like I said, I made a mistake there. I politely told him I don’t work on user stories and the tasks are usually on servicenow or are given by seniors. Since I am a junior, I can only join the internal TCS scrum calls. Nothing else.
  7. Tell me about on production issue that was really stressful and how did you resolve it?
  8. Have you participated in any hackathons?
    - I said yes,so he asked me to elaborate about them — problem statement, what was the dataset like, what algorithm I used, what was the accuracy and the outcome of the model.
  9. Explain one automation you did. Did you come up with it or did someone tell you to do it? If you came up with it, what is the process you followed?
    - This was the deal-breaker question for me. He was very impressed with my answer and I could see that he was now very involved in the interview as soon as I started talking about this automation.
  10. So you are good with documentations and presentations? (Followup from question 9)
  11. Some more python specific questions like iterators and generators.
  12. How can data science be used in your current project?
  13. I know you work in an Infrastructure project but is there any possibility that data science is already in use somewhere in your project?
  14. What is your favorite Algorithm that is used currently in any industry?
  15. Where do you see yourself in 2 years?
    - He was looking at my digital profile and saw that my manager had endorsed me for Python E3 and when I said working in Data Science. He said good choice and proceeded to tell me about the possibilities and benefits of a career in Data Science.




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